Cancun Executive VIP Transportation

Armored vehicles transportation and rent

Humvees to transport executives or special personalities of his organization, a Suburban, a Ford Excursion and a Jeep Cherokee.

Our ARMORED cars characteristics:
Ultimate luxury Editions
Armor Level 3, 4 & 5
Kevlar reinforcement in ceiling and floor against fragmentation grenades
Excellent interior and exterior conditions
Constant maintenance engine, suspension and brakes
Area area separate load of passengers using shielded enclosure
Crystals of disabled passengers for safety
Rear air conditioning with controls in the rear
Overlaps on doors to 45 degree angle shots
45mm Glass Thickness
Shielding gas tank, computer, battery and radiator
Tires run-on-flat

Porshe Cayenne (3)
Land Rover (3)
Cadillac Escalade (5)
Jeep Grand Cherokee (4)
Suburvan (3) GM Tahoe (5)

BMW 750 (3)
VW Passat (3)