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We can arrange all your bareboat charter holiday requirements, including skippered yacht charters, accommodation and bareboat charter holiday packages or choose from a a wide variety of fishing packages.

You decide when you want to take your boating holiday, and leave the rest of the bareboat charter to us.

We can also stock your bareboat sailing yacht or motor yacht with food and beverages to save you time on your sailing holiday of a lifetime!


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Luxury Yacht

luxury yacht charters, especially in the mode called charter (much more popular in the air), it is becoming a contested way to enjoy spectacular scenery, good food and service, and unparalleled freedom to explore exotic coasts and ports, all in a safe, comfortable and stylish. The luxury yacht represents a growing industry because it can have significantly lower costs than an exclusive hotel or cruise if you take into account that in this type of boats are including housing and transportation for eight people or more people capacity. The industry provides thousands of destinations ranging from the most frequented seas such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, to remote places he never imagined existed. This boom has made increasingly more numerous construction companies of super yachts (the most important are located in the U.S. or in Eastern Europe), the companies promoting activities yacht for owners of these and, for satisfying a less affluent audience, but also willing to make trips overseas companies dedicated to luxury yacht charter.

Unlike a hotel or accommodation on the ground, super yachts offer a unique and interesting: the freedom of being able to move with all the necessary luxuries to any desired destination with the privacy of the home or even own the home of your dreams . Together with friends, family or colleagues, we will be the only guests on the yacht and have the privileges of an exclusive service by a specialized crew 24 hours a day.

When it comes to luxury boats service is ready to please customers even their slightest whim of a friendly and unique. Thus, the luxury yacht will have an exquisite kitchen service available at the time you want, to suit our own tastes and a personal chef can offer all kinds of exclusive meals and anywhere in the world. We eat when and where we want, both in facilities prepared for it as the ship's deck pompous always have the option to change the view much as you want: just ask the captain to navigate to a beautiful island or harbor, where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Luxury Sailboats at Cancun yachts pleasure  without motor and noise.

However, these luxury boats can not just rent a motor. There are also many luxury catamarans for hire in which the engine is not necessary. The architects and marine shipyards are increasing increasingly launching more comfortable and longer Catamarans between 20  and 65 meters. This type of sailing craft are fully furnished and equipped with almost the same amenities as a motor yacht, sailing being these incredibly powerful, secure and majestic. You can enjoy all the comforts of luxury yachts, with the advantage of the quiet sounds of the ship pushed through the natural wave effect. The luxury sailing yachts boats are ideal for a relaxing holiday. The crew did not even have the need to know how to navigate. A full crew is usually designated to go to sea with us and our luxury boat, with professionalism and safety, their only task is to relax and enjoy the ride.

Some popular locations at Riviera Maya for this type of yacht cruise tour

Spending the summer in the Caribbean  Sea is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations and includes other countries such as Belice, Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Jamaica, Gran Cayman, and US Coast Key West and Gahamas. The second most popular destination for these trips is definitely, the west  Caribbean and all its islands:   British and American, St. Lucia, St. Barts, Grenadines, and Antigua and Barbuda. T

Motor yachts at Cancun

Luxury yachts for rent can vary greatly in style, taste, size and function. You can rent as sailboats, power boats, classic yachts, modern, or a rapid shift if we planned a vacation trip somewhere. The option chosen by most users who like to surf is, however, motor yachts. This type of motor yachts are popular because they have all the size and stability of the passenger need for a comfortable and pleasurable navigation. According to the wishes of the passengers, the yachts can have rooms decorated with classical artwork, for those of most refined tastes, to modern dance floor with bar service included that can be perfect for groups of young travelers, or for celebrate occasions like bachelor parties, new year parties, etc..

Usually, these luxury yachts usually have interior rooms, turn rooms have spacious and tastefully decorated. The private rooms are large individual cabins with bathroom (on many occasions we find two separate bathrooms, one for men and one for women) including showers, tubs and jacuzzis exclusive. Some yachts have exclusive rooms for corporate work in such case the trip is business, and therefore, it has the Internet service ports for connecting computers, projectors, conference rooms, among other facilities. The covers are designed so that you can admire a boundless outdoor space, perfect for sunbathing, outdoor dining, entertainment and activities of all types of water activities, since many of these vessels include large pools and services windsurfing, water skiing, jet skis and wheels in which passengers can be uploaded to be pulled when the boat is moving. For those passionate about aquatic adventures, no diving equipment, and if desired, a person in charge of leading the crew to exclusive places to snorkel and see the underwater wonders. Although it seems completely exaggerated, most of these luxury boats have on board all these services and are very common to find. However, so-called "super yachts" helicopters can even store, gyms and cinemas. Each luxury yacht can have your own boat apart to accommodate our potential guests or for example for water skiing activities and ferry services that can bring us and take us to the shore for shopping on the day or in the evening dinner.

Some companies you can rent a luxury yacht even include transfers by private jet from our house to the boat, plane ticket booking, booking restaurants, hotels, entertainment, etc. .. But sometimes comfort can also be provided to employees on the yacht, so there is also enabled services and meals mini vacation to employees after so much hard work in the superyacht addition, this last point may be a good move to show the esteem we have for our employees and thereby raise their productivity rise significantly and is of great benefit to us.

The cost of the luxury yacht charter in Mexico:

After this tour of all the facilities and luxuries that can offer a superyacht, time to think about the costs that will inevitably be high, completely valid. It is estimated that the income from the rental of a boat as complex has an average of 200,000 dollars per week and apart from this basic cost, travelers will have to pay for tips, food and extra gasoline that would correspond to 30% of the rental cost. Definitely use this Tripo boat is completely elitist, but also the elite can find ways to get discounts. We   renting the yacht directly with owner that has full possession of the boats, as there is an owner who demands more profits, and there are several types of yachts facilities, crew and locations. Another factor that can significantly lower prices is to travel in low season.

As the name itself suggests, traveling in a luxury yacht, a luxury, but after all the advantages imagine a trip offers and possible deals, you may make a lot of effort, you give holidays your life!

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