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Hummer Limousines
In earlier times these luxury vehicles that seemed destined for a much public money as public figures, movie stars or just employer, from the early history of this car has been found to access it is a touch of luxury, always related to wealth and high society. But now, access to the limousine is not as impossible as previously thought: now these vehicles are available to the general public when you want to rent them for special events like weddings, stag / hen parties, graduation parties, etc. . Thanks to the various prices and reduced rates offered by different companies hire limousines, ordinary people see them as much as possible the dream of walking around the city in a car that attract as much attention.

There are many types of limousines on the market today. Most are aimed at an audience of affluent, but conservative-minded elite. This trend is changing, as customers are increasingly limousine younger, much more heterogeneous tastes, modern and larger purchasing power that make market limousines has gone from classic cars and serious colors , to modern cars, full of luxury and technology. To meet this new demand for a more modern and fun is that they have become very popular type of Hummer limos. Yes, you read that right: the prestigious limousines Hummer.

Origin of Hummer Limousines

The Hummer is a vehicle that was originally designed for combat, and therefore is a self cutting and military design. After being so popular during the Gulf War, the manufacturer started making versions of this jeep to the general public. The rest is history. It's amazing how a car designed for combat, and, therefore, of a rough and masculine appearance, has become so popular as well as luxurious. The Hummer is popular with a wide range of audiences: to be a strong car, yet stylish and full of luxuries, there are young women and men much more mature love this excellent combination of qualities.

During the early commercialization of Hummer, many film actors made these cars, popular cars, even though its price is quite high. It was only a matter of time before they started to manufacture Hummer with more elongated carriage full of eccentric luxuries, ie Hummer limousines, to meet the demands of the select audience.

Like other models of limousines, Hummer have all the extravagant luxuries and ultramodern you could wish to celebrate any occasion or just around town: snack bar, flat screen digital TV with entertainment center: DVDs, consoles ultra video games, music, telephone, plus comfortable seating and ability to hold up to 32 people. There Hummers are so luxurious that even in half a bubbling jacuzzi.

Hummer Limousines are the world's most extravagant vehicles. Because they are aimed at a younger consumer and modern, unlike previous limousines for refined tastes and classic, they are often extravagant designs. It is not unusual to find Hummers painted with patterns that can have the skin of a zebra or tiger, most of these limousines are decorated with neon lights, seats in exotic skins and unorthodox colors (yellow, and generally fluorescent colors), mirror ball on the ceiling, typical of a disco lights, lighted dance floor, lounge seating, and everything you can imagine in terms of electronic equipment: laptops Internet ports and speakers able to amaze any.

Gradually Hummers services have become specialized, so there are Hummers intended marriages often include a floral decoration service the car, until Hummers made exclusively for bachelor parties. The latter can be of the most eccentric to take half a loaf for stripteases. Some companies may offer service catering including bartender and even DJ's. Of course all this will cost extra income apart from the car. For many young newly graduated finishes the Hummer is all a dream come true, and why they are so popular in the direct path to graduation and after they leave. The Hummer limo often leads to pairs of students to the party and pick up again when determined by customers. For this particular type of customer, there are usually special limousines that will continue the party without affecting too much the pocket of graduates: what is done in these cases is large quota rent limousines, so split the payment of this and allow the individual account is much lower than you think. Thus, a service of a Hummer H2, where there is maximum capacity for 32 people, the approximate price to pay per student will be approximately $ 50, making it accessible desire. Although you can also dream about the absurd price of purchase and have a Hummer limousine own: $ 200,000. But for those who can not think about buying this car, it is best to spend a modest night of luxury in the company of your best friends or your partner.

Tips to rent a Hummer limo

After all these considerations and information about Hummer limos, we have some tips to find a Hummer that suits our tastes, prices, dates and times:

1) Time to rent

The rental price will vary if you rent the limo for a few hours or a day, since the cost will be reduced in terms of hourly rates if you rent the limo for a whole day. Also, if the limo will be rented for several days is possible for companies to deliver a large amount of savings.

2) Number of people to accommodate

How many more people will be invited cheaper rent if the same shall be divided between the people traveling in the limo. For example, for events such as proms, bachelor parties or even weddings, the result of dividing the limousine rental for the amount of guests, say 20 people, will be between 30 and 50 dollars per person .

Moreover, for a certain budget, ideally those invited confirm their attendance before.

3) Extra Services

The cost of renting a Hummer limo will be slightly reduced if extra services are chosen less at the time of rental. Services such as bar beverages, or game console can have an extra and therefore will make the cost of renting the limo lot more expensive. Many are simply comfortable renting a limousine to take them for a tour around the city or allow them to make an entrance to festivities such as weddings, birthdays, etc..

4) Compare different companies

Each of the companies that rent limousines Hummer type dedicated to different customers. Not the same rent a Hummer limo with a company that is dedicated exclusively to serving celebrities and famous actors who choose that company dedicated exclusively to meeting the requests of the prom or bachelor parties. Obviously limousines prices will be affected by the prestige that has the company, and therefore, it is best to think of an average company. Also, the location of firms can also affect the cost of the Hummer: if the company is in a prestigious location in the city or located in more populated cities and large, will be difficult for such companies to get affordable rates.

5) Date and book

It is necessary to choose the date for the event with the highest possible forecast. In this way, we will ensure that they can choose from a wide range of services and products. However, if we wait until the last minute to hire a limousine, surely only have available the most expensive.

One way to check all the services available is to do some research on the Internet, looking for companies that offer Hummers and see photos of their interiors, to check whether they are liked by the participants or not.

In conclusion, renting a limo so extravagant with a Hummer for a special event is now more common than it seems. Because not too expensive, but yet still giving the user an image of distinction, luxury and sophistication, have become very popular. If you follow these tips when choosing a Hummer limousine for your special event is sure your guests have a night they can never forget

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